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    Armour Developments Ltd. assumes no responsibility for incomplete, unauthenticated data supplied in electronic format. Such data is provided for convenience only, and the recipient accepts full responsibility for verifying the accuracy and completeness of the data. Only professionally authenticated data shall constitute the official documents of record for working purposes. In the event of inconsistencies between electronic drafts and authenticated data, the latest authenticated copy of the data shall prevail. The recipient releases Armour Developments Ltd., its officers, employees, consultants and agents, from any and all claims arising in any way from the content or provision of draft data. Any data, including analysis, programs, systems, software or formatting, shall be the property of Armour Developments Ltd. The recipient of this data is prohibited from redistributing and from using the data, or any analysis, design, drawing, or information contained therein, in whole or in part, for any other purpose than that for which it was initially produced without the express written consent of Armour Developments Ltd.


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